Фото Архитектура Китая

Китай. Фото Китай. Пекин и всё самое интересное в Поднебесной.
Северная столица - Пекин. Гугун, Парки, Хутуны, Улица 798.
Шанхай - восточная жемчужина. Гонконг. Всё о Китае

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Фото Архитектура Китая

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兴城 Xing Cheng~
Фото Старый Город
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Фото старый город.
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Xing Cheng Huludao Liaoning China Zhonggu Фото Архитектура К

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兴城, 葫芦岛,辽宁, 中国, 中文, 很漂亮的体系结构,体系结构。
Xingcheng (Chinese: 兴城; Pinyin: Xīngchéng), former name Ningyuan (宁远), is a county-level city in China with a population of approximately 140,000 urban inhabitants, located within Huludao, Liaoning. The Xingcheng area is steeped in history, and contains one of the best preserved Ming Dynasty towns in China, as well as functioning as a laidback summer resort.
Historical Importance
Xingcheng has a long and distinguished history, and was established as a county as far back as the Liao Dynasty in 990 AD. After being dissolved by the Yuan, it was resurrected during the Ming Dynasty under the name Ningyuan, and gained strategic importance as the first defensive outpost outside the Great Wall. Xingcheng's city walls have stood since they were first constructed in 1428 and were instrumental in helping the Ming defeat the great Manchu commander Nurhaci at the pivotal Battle of Ningyuan in 1626
Tourist Destination
In modern times Xingcheng has become a mecca for those seeking relief from the bustling heat of summer in the overcrowded cities of Northern China. The town has attractive swimming beaches and is also blessed with natural hot springs, discovered during the Tang Dynasty. For this reason, a number of spa resorts and sanatoriums have sprung up and the town has been marketed as a health destination, and is frequented by groups of Party cadres on government sponsored training courses during the summer. Xingcheng is home to the largest island in the Bohai gulf, the beautiful and secluded Chrysanthemum Island (菊花岛), once a sanctuary for the Prince of Yan on the run from the ruthless Qin Shihuang.

The old town of Xingcheng is the best preserved of four Ming dynasty cities in China that retain their original and complete city walls, and is a treasure trove of traditional Ming architecture, containing historical remnants such as the Confucius Temple, the oldest temple in Northeast China and the largest ancient building in Liaoning
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